What to Expect

Scofield is located on Abrams Road just south of Royal Lane in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas. From highway 75 simply take Royal Lane east, crossing over Greenville Avenue and make a right turn on Abrams Road. The church will be on the left hand side. For a map, see our "Directions to Scofield" page.

Main parking is located just behind the building with easy access straight into the Worship Center or Children’s Area. There is ample parking and many spaces designated just for visitors! If you are visiting please use one of these convenient spaces. There is a welcome center near the Worship Center entrance with information. There is also parking available on the side of the building facing Abrams Road. If you park here, please enter the building and go up one floor to reach the Worship Center. An elevator is available if needed.

The worship service begins at 9:15am and typically lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. Our worship music is blended including both hymns and praise songs. Music in the service typically includes piano, band, and choir, but will vary from time to time.

Many gather for a Sunday School and Bible Study classes at 10:45am following the worship service. Children’s Sunday School and activities occur at the same time. If you bringing children please allow yourself a little extra time to drop them off with our awesome child care and Sunday School staff. A greeter near the door can point you in the right direction. The building is fairly large so please ask if you do not know where to go. You can call ahead to the church office to find out which Sunday School or Bible Study class might be best for you. Please feel free to come for both hours or just for the worship service.

It is our privilege to host a couple of other church ministries in our facility on Sunday mornings. So, please do not let all of the “comings-and-goings” cause you any confusion. God has richly blessed the Scofield Church family with a wonderful facility that we desire to share for the Gospel work. The Scofield Church worship service begins at 9:15am in the Worship Center. Sunday School and Bible Study classes follow at 10:45am.

Most dress in business casual attire. We don’t take our attire very seriously. Please feel welcome however you are dressed.

The service normally lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. There will be music, a pastoral prayer, and preaching. The service is very simple. Some announcements will be given and an offering taken. Please do not feel obligated at the time of the offering. This is done as a convenience for those who regularly support the work of Scofield Church.

Great care is given over the children you entrust to us. All of our staff and volunteers who work in the children’s ministry are trained, capable and trustworthy. You can feel to observe at any time. Child care for infants through 5 year olds is supplied for both hours. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Please take one of our helpful Sunday bulletins which will further introduce you to the ministry of Scofield Church. Also, please feel free to connect with us. If you need further information, or want to talk to a pastor, please do not hesitate to mention this to an usher or greeter, or go to the welcome center just outside of the worship.

If you have any further questions, please call (214.349.6043) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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