Our Communities of Bible Study (CBS), what many call Sunday School, are fellowships designed to promote Christian discipleship through applicational Bible teaching and supportive relationships.  Please feel very welcome to visit as class of your choosing. 

Most classes are generally inclusive of people approximately the same age or stage of life. But, these divisions are  are not rigid. Please attend any class you'd like. Participants can feel free to try different classes until one fits, or to migrate toward a class with a topic that is of interest, regardless of age or stage of life.

We look forward to seeing you as we study God's Word together!


Age/Stage of Life Class Name Class Location
Jr. & Sr. High Student Ministry Garage & Room 147
Young Couples Cornerstone Room 114
Adults Foundations Room 136
Adults Ambassador Room 137
Adults Kings Room 138
Senior Adults
Philethea Room 210
Senior Adults
Prime Timers Rooms 115-116
Women (of all ages) Ruth Room 112
Singles Scion
Room 135
All ages
Spiritual Life
Room 140