Daily Devotions – How to Spend an Hour in Prayer

Daily Devotions – How to Spend an Hour in Prayer

Dr. Jeff VanGoethem

Some passages to make note of regarding prayer and solitude in the life of the Lord Jesus:
Matthew 4:1, 14:13, 23, 26:36, Mark 1:35, 6:31, Luke 5:16, 6:12.


What is Helpful to have for Daily Devotions

  • A Good Study Bible for Reading
  • Some Good Devotional Material to Read
  • A Notebook
  • A Personal Prayer list that can be updated.
  • A Quiet place alone -- remember Jesus told us to go in the Prayer Closet!
  • A specific time each day
  • An expectant spirit – you are meeting with God!


How to Proceed

  • Step One: Don’t be in a hurry – wait on God.
  • Step Two: Read good devotional material – make a transition from the things and cares of the world to meeting with God
  • Step Three: Read and Reflect on Scripture (try the “ACTS” method).
    • A – Adoration – How does this passage lead me to worship God?
    • C – Confession – How does this passage lead me to confess?
    • T – Thanksgiving – How does this passage lead me to thank God?
    • S – Supplication – What requests does this passage cause me to make?
    • In this exercise we are seeking to respond spontaneously to God, in a season of prayer that is not structured.  How is God leading us?  What is He saying to us? What burdens do you sense?  Fight through distractions until you are meeting with God. 
  • Step Four: Organized Prayer
    • We should keep some prayer lists and frequently pray through them.  Lists can be kept for ourselves, our families, the needs of others, our church, missionaries, for thanksgiving.  We should labor to keep them up to date, especially maintaining a record of God’s dealings with us and answers we have received. 
  • Step Five: Journaling
    • Many Christians use a personal journal or notebook to record their thoughts, to write out their prayers, to record answers and/or praises, etc.  
  • Step Six: Practice the Presence of God
    • It is important not to leave God in our devotional time, but to cultivate a sense of His presence and to be in a mindset of prayer all day long. Abide in Christ (John 15).

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