Health & Safety Protocols for AWANA 2021-2022

BEFORE & AFTER CLUB: Please drop and pick your children up at their classroom. NO playing in the gym before or after club, and no loitering or running in the halls.

MASKS: In accordance with Scofield Church policy, we are not requiring masks to be worn.  However, to provide the safest environment possible for some of our workers, we do encourage their use.  If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with the director of your child’s club. We ask that all be respectful of others as we seek to have a safe environment for the club.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We will be social distancing as much as possible. For the first month, this means no game time or snack time. Group lesson times will be in larger rooms so we can be spread out.

Please DO NOT attend club meetings if you have had a fever, persistent cough, respiratory issues, or other significant symptoms associated with contagious illnesses (Covid, flu, etc.) in the previous 24 hours. If you experience a known Covid exposure, please do not return to the club until you have a negative, or have quarantined for 7 days and have remained symptom-free.

If you test POSITIVE for Covid please directly notify David Hall at 972-765-0791, or by email at

If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact David.

We will continue to monitor the relevant guidelines including the policies of Scofield Church and will advise you via email if we adjust our protocols.

In the spirit of Christian love and forbearance, in which we “in humility count others more significant than ourselves,” we exhort everyone who participates in our AWANA program to embrace and support these procedures to help ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all.

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