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Scofield Christian School (SCS) was founded as a pre-school in 1961 by Scofield Memorial Church (SMC). It now serves 190 students in pre K through 6th grade with a fiscal year budget of almost 1.4 million and a full and part-time staff of 35 or so.  In recent years the school has been growing. The school is governed by the Elders of Scofield Church through an appointed school board.   The governance of the school provides for strong Head of School (HOS) leadership, accountable to the Senior Pastor and Elders of SMC, through the school board. The HOS is in charge of the leadership of the school, operating the school day to day and fulfilling its mission.  The school is affiliated with and accredited by ACSI (https://www.acsi.org).

SMC (operating under the same 501 c 3) is a church of approximately 200 members, with four full-time pastors, one part-time pastor, and a few other ministry staff.  The church and school share four full-time maintenance staff and an HR/Business Manager for approximately 45 employees in the overall ministry. The church and school have a written agreement of cooperation outlining mutual responsibilities.  80-90% of the students of Scofield Christian School come from the surrounding community, the remainder are families attending Scofield Church.  At least one parent has to be a professing Christian believer for a student to be admitted to the school.  Some scholarship aid is available.

SCS and SMC are nondenominational and are located on the same campus in the Lake Highlands area of NE Dallas, a diverse community, 7730 Abrams RD.  It is hoped that the school will reflect the diversity of its community in its staff and constituency.

Planned compensation for the HOS position is competitive and will be commensurate with qualifications. Please consult the school website for additional information.  Interested candidates can send a resume or inquiries to hos@scofield.org



Personal:   Scofield Christian School is searching for a HOS that is:

  • A well-discipled, mature, born again believer with a strong Christian walk and exemplary track record of faithfulness in following Christ. The HOS must be biblically based, able to counsel others from the Scriptures, manifesting a mature, godly spirit.
  • A person of prayer and faith with a passion to integrate the biblical and evangelical faith in the academic experience of children and their families.
  • A member of SMC or who will become an active, participating member in good standing of Scofield Memorial Church (SMC). (This requirement can only be waived by the Scofield Elders).
  • Able to hold to the SMC doctrinal statement in good conscience.
  • Educationally prepared for HOS leadership (M.A. in Education or School Administration or nearby discipline preferred).
  • Able to articulate the purpose and strengths of the Christian School movement. Knowledge of state and federal regulations.

Professional:  Give evidence of multiple necessary competencies:

  1. Able to guide the school to maintain ASCI accreditation and accountability relationship with ACSI.
  2. Able to faithfully prepare and execute annual school budget. Take the lead in school fund raising efforts, including the annual fund event.
  3. Able to successfully administrate school staff needs. Able to function as chief officer of the school in all capacities.  Able to direct and manage the school’s day to day operation with effectiveness.  Able to effectively plan and execute important school events.
  4. Able to navigate cooperative arrangement with SMC in operating a Church sponsored school, relating well to church staff, leadership and congregation.
  5. Capable of significant and constant innovative leadership relative to education, technology and marketing. Function as the key change agent.
  6. Able to effectively advise school policy making board and parent teacher organization (s). And able to effectively implement and follow school policies.  Foster good relationships with the community.
  7. Strong oral and written communication skills. Personable, approachable, team player, church and school.  Planning skills.  Supervise staff effectively.
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