Scofield & Eastside Joint Prayer Meeting


Our purpose in calling our church to fast and pray is to ask the Lord for unity, clarity, and for God’s glory to be made known as we consider the potential merge of Scofield Memorial Church and Eastside Community Church.

Starting Tuesday (11/30) evening we will fast from food and drink (other than water). If you are physically unable to fast from food due to a medical condition consider fasting in a way that is appropriate for you. Use the prompt below as a guide while you fast.

What is Fasting?

“Fasting is an act of worship that God’s people participate in to express our dependence on him. We fast in this life because we believe in the life to come. We don’t have to get it all here and now, because we have a promise that we will have it all in the coming age. We fast from what we can see and taste because we have tasted and seen the goodness of the invisible and infinite God — and are desperately hungry for more of him.”

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Prayer Playlist

Below is a playlist to aid your pursuit of the Lord during this time:

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Prayer Guide:

Tuesday Evening – The Glory of God

Scripture Meditations: Psalm 19:1 | Exodus 33:18-20  | Revelation 5:11-13
Practice: To start your fast plan to do something that draws your attention to the glory of God in the world during the time you would typically have dinner (i.e. take a walk in the park, watch the sun set, go star stargazing). Spend the evening contemplating the glory of God.
Prayer: Consider the longing for God’s glory and expressions of it in the verse above. Imagine what it would look like for more of the glory of God to be revealed in your home, your neighborhood, workplace, and our city. Pray for God’s glory to be revealed with these things in mind. Pray that our churches (Eastside and Scofield) will always seek God’s glory above our own. Thank God for how he has already been revealing his Glory to you and our churches over the years.

Wednesday Morning – Clarity

Scripture Meditations: Proverbs 2:6-8 | Philippians 1:9-11
Practice: Take some time to write out the things about which you are wanting clarity, whether about the potential church merge or other things in your life.
Prayer: God is not a god of confusion. Rather, he gives wisdom to those who ask. Be praying for clarity for Eastside and Scofield to discern God’s heart. Ask for the elders of both churches to have wisdom to navigate through the process in a godly way. Pray for the members of Eastside and Scofield to have understanding and discernment.

Wednesday Afternoon – Unity

Scripture Meditations: Ephesians 4:1-6 | Philippians 2:2 | Matthew 18:19-20
Practice: Plan on getting together with someone either in person or over the phone during the time you plan to have lunch. Read the scripture together and pray.
Prayer: The marks of unity are love and peace. Consider how you can grow more in the expression of love towards your brother and sisters in Christ and pursue peace for the flourishing of the church. Pray that as we consider merging our churches that the whole process would be marked by mutual love for one another and a spirit of peace with each other.

Wednesday Evening – Prayer Night

Join us at 6:30 pm for some time of corporate prayer at Scofield Church.

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