Community Groups

Our Community Groups are a great place to connect with other Christians and to be encouraged in the Word of God. There are 8 groups which meet each Sunday following the worship service and generally start about 11:00am. Periodically there is a New Members Class taught by our Senior Pastor for those interested in church membership or, who might want to simply learn more about Scofield Church.


Scofield Church is given to compassionate ministry, unceasing prayer and authentic discipleship. Following Jesus in every aspect of our life, to know Him and to make Him known is the mainspring of our community.

At Scofield church we are a community of believers focused on worship and growing close to God through the study of His Word. This passion is expressed everywhere in our midst. Hence, some of our Sunday school classes are affectionately called “Communities of Bible Study” or, “CBS” for short. This is merely an expression and reflection of the centrality of the Bible in our Adult Sunday School classes.

Class times center upon Christian fellowship, prayer, and Bible teaching. All of our classes vary in age and class composition. There are adult classes for college age young adults, for senior adults, for single women, and all ages in between. There is a place for you!

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