Scofield Christian School

For over fifty years Scofield Church has operated a preschool and elementary school characterized by a strong  academic and spiritual focus. All the staff and leadership are dedicated Christians.   Our graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves as students and Christians in their schools and communities.  Scofield Christian School has been named “the best school in Lake Highlands.” 

Scofield Church is given to compassionate ministry, unceasing prayer and authentic discipleship. Following Jesus in every aspect of our life, to know Him and to make Him known is the mainspring of our community.

Scofield Christian School lovingly prepares young children to live a Godly life through Christ-like character development as well as academic excellence. Our school is fully accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International, and Scofield students consistently succeed at the highest levels in ACSI competitions. Scofield alumni are strong academic leaders, making an impact in their schools, homes, churches, and communities. Parents have trusted Scofield Christian School for 50 years with the education of their children.

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