Global Missions

Our global priorities today are founding, developing and supporting the planting of churches in gospel needy areas of the world, through the work of evangelism and discipleship.  We have many partnerships with national gospel workers and missionaries.  Scofield Church today is involved with over forty missionary and local ministries around the world.

We continue to see a role for Western Missionaries in many parts of the world and send and support many, normally focused on training (discipleship) and theological education.

In addition to this, our hearts bleed with compassion for the sorrows and troubles of the world and so we seek to involve ourselves in relief efforts, orphan work and other “good works” to care for people and promote the proclamation of the gospel.

Scofield Church is given to compassionate ministry, unceasing prayer and authentic discipleship. Following Jesus in every aspect of our life, to know Him and to make Him known is the mainspring of our community.

Locally we maintain strategic partnerships with ministries in our city and country who have more narrow but important ministries which build back into the body of Christ.

We have an active missions oversight team, periodic conferences and missions trips to keep the needs of the world before our congregation.  Scofield Church’s mission reach today includes:  theological education, church planting, outreach in “creative access” locations, Bible Translation, international students, missionary recruitment and supervision, orphan work, inner city and homeless ministry, refugee aid, and more.

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