Local Missions

Members of Scofield Church meet “Gary” on the streets during one of our street evangelism efforts.  He was homeless, in trouble, and addicted to alcohol. Wanted by the law, estranged from friends and families, he responded to the love and acceptance extended to him.  He was helped to get  into a rehab facility and to resolve his legal issues.  This required utilizing partnerships Scofield Church has established with various local ministries.  “Gary” was able to complete rehab, begin visiting our church and growing in his relationship with God.

For two years, Perry visited the Scofield prayer stations during our “Streets and Parks” outreach efforts.  A professing Christian, he was a refugee from a troubled African country.  But he fell through the cracks in America.  Because of alcohol and victimization he lost his family, job, and even his green card.  But he kept visiting Scofield members who operated the prayer stations periodically.  They urged him to get off alcohol, get off the streets, and get some help.  Finally after attending a week long “Vital Relationships of Life” class at Scofield Church, Perry agreed to get the help he needed. Again, Scofield’s strategic partnerships with other ministries were very helpful.  Perry got his life and papers together.  He is now working and reconciling with his family.

Scofield Church is given to compassionate ministry, unceasing prayer and authentic discipleship. Following Jesus in every aspect of our life, to know Him and to make Him known is the mainspring of our community.

While canvassing a nearby apartment complex, Scofield members engaged in a conversation with one of the employees.  To make a long story short, this employee made a first time profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Subsequently she agreed to assist Scofield church in sponsoring larger outreaches in the apartment complex. Scofield outreach workers were able to host children and youth ministry events there and also have ministered to various adults. 

We continue to seek creative ways to reach out with the gospel in the changing demographic of the city of Dallas. Our outreaches encounter immigrants, refugees, and others who are economically and culturally challenged.  We realize that one church can’t do everything, but by forging strategic relationships with other churches and ministries, one by one by God’s grace, people are being reclaimed for God’s kingdom.  We trust that this will continue to develop into a growing diversity in the body of Christ.

Continuing to minister in our local community, we sponsor the following ethnic churches that meet in our facility.

  • Renewal springs Church (Kenyan)
  • Hebron House of Worship (Nepalese & Indian)

If you have a heart for broken people, there is a place for you to serve at Scofield.

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