Safety at Scofield Church

Welcome to Scofield Church!  Our desire (since 1877!) is for all worshippers and guests to experience God in a safe and loving environment.  Therefore we take seriously the need for our congregation to worship in a hospitable and welcoming environment.  For policies regarding the safety of children and young people, please see the topic “What Scofield Church Does to Protect Children and Youth” below.

A trained and properly equipped Safety Team made up of vetted Scofield members patrol throughout the building.  You can recognize them by the large orange/white badge and lanyard around their necks, as well as their communication earpiece. You are free to stop them and report anything that concerns you.  They carry two-way radios and are in constant communication with one another.

The Church is equipped with fire alarms, sprinkler systems and internal panic buttons monitored by staff and leaders.

A careful analysis of the building has been made and the safest exit routes have been identified. In the unlikely event of any kind of emergency, please follow the directives and instructions of our Safety Team.  Please feel safe, cared for and welcomed to our Worship at Scofield Church.

Scofield Church is given to compassionate ministry, unceasing prayer and authentic discipleship. Following Jesus in every aspect of our life, to know Him and to make Him known is the mainspring of our community.

What Scofield Church Does to Protect Children/Youth

The Lord Jesus said, “let the children come to me.”  The first priority we have concerning the children who attend and visit our church is providing a safe and welcoming environment where they can learn about the Lord Jesus and His love for them.   In addition to our ever-present Safety Team, our Director of Children’s Ministry and Youth Pastor (who both possess advanced training and degrees in their field) have created firm and careful guidelines for all staff, volunteers and ministry activities. Some of the requirements:

  • Each volunteer and staff member fills out and signs a lengthy application which includes requirements and rules for their service. References are provided.
  • All children and youth workers undergo a criminal background check.
  • A clear description of permissible and impermissible conduct is enforced upon all children and youth workers.
  • All children and youth workers agree to and understand proper and appropriate ratios of adults to children in various situations. Managers and supervisors enforce these ratios.
  • Our policies conform to all state and national standards and laws.
  • Scofield church does not discriminate in any way. We also pledge to work with parents of children who present a challenge out of the ordinary so that the student with a challenge is included in activities and other children are guided to support these efforts.
  • An anti-bullying policy is in place.
  • Regular training sessions are held with staff and volunteers to review policies, make improvements and receive feedback.
  • We work with parents to ensure their concerns and preferences regarding their children are heard.

Scofield Church has a long history of loving Children’s Ministry, including the fifty plus years of the existence of Scofield Christian School.  We have learned a lot in our ministry about ministering safely and lovingly to children.  Still, we welcome suggestions and concerns.

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