Ten Ways We Can All Help to Evangelize Others and Lead Them to Saving Faith in Christ

Pastor Jeff VanGoethem

  1. We can invite them to church or some other Christian activity.
  2. We can help them with something.
  3. We can spend time with them and develop a friendship, all the while being open about our Christian faith.
  4. We can go visit them when they are sick or in need and ask if we can pray for them or do something for them.
  5. We can invite them to and include them in a Bible study.
  6. We can have a Bible study with them.
  7. We can live a consistent and loving Christian life, all the while being open about what the Lord has done for us.
  8. We can give away a book or booklet that outlines the gospel in an interesting and helpful way.
  9. We can avoid being judgmental and live humbly, knowing that “there but for the grace of God go I.”
  10. We can learn a method for sharing the gospel so that when someone shows interest we are ready to explain to them “the reason for the hope within us.”