Our Mission

Scofield Church exists to develop a vibrant and growing community of believers following Christ, under the authority of God’s Word, seeking to experience the outpouring of God’s Spirit in order to know Christ and make Him known, locally and among the nations.

Scofield Church is a voluntary fellowship of redeemed believers committed to evangelical doctrine who have experienced personal faith in Christ and welcomes all to seek Christ and to make Him known with us, to the Glory of God.

Values that guide our ministry

God Centered Worship

Our Eternal Father, the Creator,and Sustainer of all things, the Giver of life, the God of grace – we want to stand in awe of Him and His wonderful works. As we gather in worship we want to be drawn upward, to be reminded of God’s glory and grace and then to turn our hearts and voices to praise, preparing to meet with Him around the teaching of His Word. God doesn’t want the church full of people, He wants the church full of people who are full of God.  We want to leave our worship service full of God and go out different than when we came in.

Bold Proclamation

For many years over the 140 years of Scofield Church, the motto of the church was “The Bible as it is for People as they are.”  We still feel that way. Tell us what God’s Word says. Our pastors and teachers are charged with teaching God’s Word without apology, calling on one and all to believe in and to follow the Lord Jesus. Both the gathered church and the world around us need to hear the voice of God in His Word. If we don’t change the message, the message will change us!

Unceasing Prayer

How can we get through to people until we get through to God?  Let us humbly, joyfully, and completely seek the Lord.  Let us grow in the grace of prayer.  God is worthy to be sought by His people. Prayer is the center of our church and all its relationships.  We pray for each other, we pray for our families, we pray for our ministries, we pray for our church, we prayer for our missionaries, and we pray for our nation and our world. We pray in our worship service, we pray in our classes and groups, we pray in our prayer meeting, and we pray at home. We affirm above all that God is a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God. Prayer isn’t everything but everything comes by prayer!

Authentic Discipleship

Let us study and learn what the Lord Jesus said about following Him.  Let us not be satisfied to be mere church goers and casual, nominal Christians.  There is enough of that in our society today. Let us walk as He walked in the midst of a hurting world. Let us lovingly minister to others in His name. Discipleship means that we answer the call of Christ to follow Him, authenticity means we are serious about it. The Lord doesn’t want to merely be resident in our lives, He wants to be President of our lives!  Let us serve the Lord together.

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